ANT Mission

ANT Business Concepts is committed to the
economic growth of our youth and their families.

ANT will provide a structured, innovative,
nontraditional, community-based curriculum to
assist youth and their families to build
entrepreneurial abilities, secure employment,
improve self-learning and become more
productive community members.

Helping Youth Succeed At School, At Work, In Life!

Since the summer of 2004, through the ANT Vocational Enrichment Center, more than 265 high school age students have gained the motivation and skills needed to succeed in school, at work and in life. ANT combines vocational skills, life skills, character building, basic classroom education, entrepreneurship and paid employment internships to prepare underserved high school age youths to be productive and self-sufficient. Through ANT programs, youth and young adults learn the strong link between school and employment. Read more about the ANT program...


Student Testimonial

“ANT changed my life.”
-Alisha Stevens, ANT Class of 2005

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Program Benefits

Develop Self-Esteem, Self Awareness,
Self Worth and a Sense of Purpose
Learn the value and power of honest
effort and positive action
Define and examine entrepreneurialship as
a career path
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